Phyzii Pharma Platform

The Phyzii platform consists of various products created specially for the pharma sales force with specific goals in mind. These feature rich products have the common indigenous scalable and flexible Phyzii CRM base on which these modules are created and integrated. Phyzii has been created and enriched since 2007 by the whole pharma ecosystem consisting of clients, users and our internal product team. It is offered on the cloud in various financial models. Phyzii platform supports the following verticals.


Phyzii CRM

Comprehensive automation platform covering every aspect of pharma field force operations.

Customer Centricity

  • Position Based List
  • Customer Profiling
  • Auto Segmentation
  • Network mapping
  • Action Points
  • Customer Surveys

Business Productivity

  • Business Planning
  • Presciption Tracker
  • Primary & Secondary Sales
  • Suggested Order
  • Campaigns tracker
  • Intervention Workflow

Administrative Efficiency

  • Call Reporting
  • Call Planning
  • Attendance
  • Leave Workflow
  • Automated Expenses
  • Sample Inventory

Phyzii CLM

Interactive and engaging e-detailing platform for more effective physician calls

Targeted Playlists

  • Promotogram
  • Segment Playlist
  • Page Sequence
  • Locked Pages
  • Campaign Pages

Effective Detailing

  • Offline Content
  • Personalisation
  • Rehearsal
  • Quick Navigation
  • Reference content

Actionable Insights

  • Detailing adoption
  • Segment Promotion
  • Brand Facetime
  • Content Improvement
  • Sequence

Cutting Edge Features


Comprehensive 360 view of


Deduplication of customers and mother MSL system


Embeding of interactive gamified content in the detailing playlist


Medical, legal and regulatory approval workflow for detailing content


Intelligent algorithm based recommendation and nudge agent for behaviour change


Dynamic and configurable KPI heat map for top management view and deep dive



Comprehensive implementation services from the scoping and mapping to finally going live and hyper care


Experienced product specialists carry out training of trainers and/or end users for operation and troubleshooting of the Phyzii Platform


Post implementation lifelong support for all types of issues and requests from client operations team by email or phone


Creating an operations team on behalf of the client to handle administration and end user engagement

Success Stories

About Us

Cirrius Technologies P. Ltd created the Phyzii Pharma CRM platform with the goal of creating an indigenous product to help pharma companies improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force. Phyzii is India’s largest Pharma CRM with over 100,000 users across 30+ customers in 20+ countries. Cirrius invests heavily on product innovation and has a strong roadmap for Phyzii for the future.

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February 26, 2014

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Cipla, Ranbaxy and Biocon adopt Cirrius PharmaCRM platform

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March 06, 2014

Cirrius platform to come in handy for medical representative