Create your very own community of physicians by providing them with continuous and personalized information and services on your branded mobile app. Engage with them in a true multichannel manner – rep assisted, email and direct. Invest in their mind space!

Features & Benefits


Be the "go to" medical app for your physicians with relevant and updated medical information

Continuously engage with physicians with rich medical information such as news, product launches, healthcare tips, videos etc in an interactive manner.


Deepen the engagement with personalized medical services

Provide your most valued physicians with on demand medical services on their fingertips. Answer their questions, register their requests and sometimes, just reach out.


Provide a catalogue of relevant products to physicians to browse in their free time.

When your product information is required, it’s never available to physicians. Now provide them an interactive catalogue of your products at their fingertips on demand. They can find anything they are looking for-there and then.

Phyzii for Supply chain

Engage your distributors and pharmacy network for a more efficient supply chain

The Phyzii Engagement Platform is also available to engage your supply chain partners such as distributors and pharmacies and to enable transactions.


Create and nurture a community of your valued physicians

Within a therapy area, engage a community of physicians in interactive discussions to share and collaborate ideas and thoughts.

Engagement Initiatives

Get more participation from physicians through engagement initiatives

Create campaigns and organize events such as medical education (CME) and invite members of your community.

Custom Built Apps

Create custom apps for additional engagement and promotion

Create product and therapy specific apps for physicians and general consumers to promote your products and services

Insights & Analytics

Visibility of usage trends by the community of physicians leads to better servicing and targeting.

What the physician really want and do is now available by way of rich usage analytics. Sales and marketing teams can now gain vital insights of trends and behavior and correlate these to activities prescriptions.

"We found Scalpel App on Cirrius Phyzii solution to be effective way to engage with Physicians and it also helps to update their practical skills"

Device & Device Management

All our digital solutions in the PharmaCRM Suite are operating system agnostic and most of our users bring their own devices. Our partners in the device and device management space have cost effective offerings that can complete the whole solution.