Organize your reps' life to help with his daily activities. Enable him to dynamically segment his physician list and intelligently target them at the right frequency and with the right pitch. He can then efficiently report activities and engagements call by call with physicians, pharmacies, distributors and all other parts of the ecosystem.

Features & Benefits

Targeting & Segmentation

Right promotion to the right physicians improves effectiveness

Medical reps can maintain their “must see list” (MSL) consisting of physicians belonging to relevant and dynamic segments. Promotion plans can be created to target these segments with specific products and campaigns.

Interactive Coverage Planning

Advance planning maximizes coverage

It’s not good enough to have a great MSL. It must be covered every month as per the frequency defined. Tour Planning helps reps to create schedules of market and physician coverage using templates to ensure maximum coverage. Deviations are monitored and can be prevented through automatic notifications.

In clinic Effectiveness

Preparation just before the call improves quality of the call, maybe even more face time.

To make most of the few minutes in front of the physician, the rep can prepare his pitch by viewing everything he needs to know including prescription preferences (RCPA), previous promotion feedback, pending action points, digital and conventional engagements with the physician.

Mobile Activity Reporting

Convenient call-by-call activity reporting on mobile devices saves the medical rep time and hassles

Enable the rep to leverage the waiting time between calls to quickly complete his activity reporting of the previous calls on his mobile device. No more internet café hassles!

Automatic Sample Inventory

Efficiently manage the process of sample distribution

Efficiently manage the process of allocation, receipt, acknowledgement and distribution of sample and inputs to physicians. Advanced features of lot number tracking and signature capture can also be enabled.

Effortless Expense Tracking

Inside Heading: Accurate and effortless tracking of field expenses.

Through the linking of route and fare charts to the customer activity reports, the travel and daily allowances of field personnel are automatically processed and tracked. Advanced features like geo-tagging and maps can also be used.

" After implementing Cirrius, we have been able to improve our compliance over calls, sampling and activation. "

Features & Benefits

Controlled Event & Spend Tracking

Manage the lifecycle of physician event and spend management for better visibility and control

Track and control the workflow of physician event and spends from planning, initiation, approvals and financial control to execution and deviation tracking.

Unique Physician Master

Unified view of the same physician across different task forces, provides insights for optimizing investment strategies.

Using our Advanced Master Data Management (AMDM) tool, the different instances of the same physician engaged by different tasks forces can be unified.

Insightful Prescription Intelligence

Manage the lifecycle of physician event and spend management for better visibility and control

Track and control the workflow of physician event and spends from planning, initiation, approvals and financial control to execution and deviation tracking.

Continuous People Management

Conitnously acquire and develop talent on the field.

Manage the medical rep lifecycle including on-boarding, development, assessment, attendance, leave and all other processes leading up to termination.

Improve communication and collaboration for better productivity

Improve communication and collaboration for better productivity

Through the Messaging & Notifications feature, create a platform for everyone connected with sales and marketing to be able to connect, communicate and collaborate for improving productivity. Advanced features include event based automatic notifications and escalations.

Insights & Analytics

Visibility of Key Performance Indicators help corrective actions and informed decisions

Performance and operations of field activities done by medical reps can be viewed in real-time through dashboards, analytics, reports, notifications and alerts, on mobile devices by managers to take instant corrective action.

" Cirrius has proved to be an effective tool with exhaustive features and functionality and their strong pharma domain expertise, providing quality customer service."

Device & Device Management

All our digital solutions in the PharmaCRM Suite are operating system agnostic and most of our users bring their own devices. Our partners in the device and device management space have cost effective offerings that can complete the whole solution.



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